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Do you have a question about tickets or our services? Please read through these frequently asked questions first. If you still cannot find what you are looking for, contact us through phone, live chat or email - we are happy to assist you. 



My Order and Purchase Process

I have purchased my tickets, what can I expect next?

Once you have completed your purchase online, you will receive a confirmation email. If you don’t receive one within a few minutes, check your spam folder first. If you don’t find any email from us there, please contact us.


Is it possible to get an e-ticket instead of a regular paper ticket?

We only issue e-tickets for certain events. Currently, these are: Malaysia Formula 1 & MotoGP, MotoGP Aragon and MotoGP Jerez (subject to change). If an e-tickets option is not indicated in the check-out process, it is not available for the event.


When are the event dates confirmed?

The event dates for the Formula 1 season are usually confirmed by FIA in December, ahead of each season. The MotoGP Season dates are usually confirmed around the same time by FIM. You can still buy tickets for the events that are open, even though the exact dates are not yet confirmed. If a date is yet not confirmed, this will be indicated by the text “TBC (To Be Confirmed”) next to the event date in the ticket shop.


Can I add ticket(s) to my order after the booking has been processed?

Yes, you can add tickets to your order with regards to availability. Please contact us in this case, so that we can do our best to make sure that your new order will be seated together with your previous.


Why do you sometimes charge a handling fee?

A handling fee might be applied, depending on the chosen event. In order to cover our costs and to be able to offer you optimum service, we need to apply a small percentage of the ticket price in form of a handling fee.



Ticket Types and Seats


Are my tickets seated together?

As long as you purchase the same type of tickets (for the same number of days) and the same category of tickets (Adult tickets) all in the same order, your seats will be together.


For example, if you buy 3 weekend tickets (3 days) and one Sunday ticket for an event in the same order, we cannot guarantee that the Sunday ticket will be seated together with the 3 weekend tickets as they are different ticket categories and are issued in different series.


In case you should have two (or more) different orders for the same event, the only way to make sure that you will be seated together, is to place a new order containing all the tickets, and cancelling the previous ones (contact us and we will help you with a refund of your previous orders). We cannot guarantee that a new order and adjoining seats are possible, but will do our best to fulfil your request. 



Why can't I know the exact seat location while booking my tickets?

As a ticketing provider, we cannot decide exactly what seats we will receive from the event organisers. For security reasons, the event organisers usually print and provide us with the tickets close the events, and until then we don’t know what seating ranges we will receive. For this reason, we cannot promise any exact seating locations in advance.



Can I request a special seat?

If you have a seating preference for a certain section or location, please email us and we will do our best to fulfil your wish. We cannot, however, promise that you will receive the seats requested (see the question above).



I am bringing children to the event, do they need special tickets?

For most events, Child tickets are available at reduced prices and with age restrictions. Many events also have Family Packages for affordable combinations of adult and child tickets. Please refer to the product descriptions in the ticket shop, or the “Event Info” tab next to the “Tickets” tab in the main menu. If you are unsure, please contact us for more information.



Do you issue tickets for disabled people?

We are not able to issue tickets for disabled people. Instead, please contact the circuit/arena/event organiser directly in order to get the best information and service regarding accessibility for disabled people.



Can I cancel my tickets after I’ve purchased them?

After you have confirmed the order online, we accept neither cancellation nor reimbursement. However, you can purchase our Ticket Insurance to secure yourself for certain situations.



Why is the face value (the price printed on my ticket) different from what I paid for it?

We utilise a complex process to obtain tickets from different event organisers, and the printed price on your ticket does not correlate to our selling price. The difference in price can be due to many causes, such as organisers’ pricing and margins, how early the ticket was bought originally, ticket availability or the event’s popularity – every event has a different process for ticket pricing and logistics.


Please also understand that our ticket prices must cover our costs and margins, so that we can provide you with a trustworthy and reliable ticket sales service. In case you are worried about overpaying for your tickets, our prices are easily available online so that you can compare to other ticket sources and choose what best suits you. We always stay competitive and aim to offer you the best prices on the market.



What do I do if my tickets are lost or stolen?

In case your tickets are lost, left-behind, stolen or damaged, this is entirely your own responsibility and we do not make any refunds. In case this should happen to you, please contact us. We will always do our best to help you, but any action will be at the discretion of the event organisers.






How and When Are My Tickets Delivered?

Gootickets is dependent on the organisers of each event for ticket delivery, and we always ship your tickets with DHL as soon as we receive them from the event organiser. The approximate shipping date will depend on each event (please see your invoice for the estimated delivery date). Generally, tickets are delivered approximately 2-4 weeks before the event. For certain races/ticket types, tickets can be delivered up to one week before the event. In these rare cases, you will be contacted by us to arrange alternative delivery/collection options so that it doesn’t interfere with your travel plans. 

In case you are departing for the event earlier than 2 weeks before the event please let us know by contacting our customer care team so we can take this in consideration when arranging the shipping of your tickets.

Kindly note that as soon as tickets are shipped, you will receive an email notification containing a DHL tracking number for your parcel (which you can track through the provided link). As soon as your tickets have arrived, you will be able to see the collection signature and name at the DHL tracking website.

Do I need to be present in person when DHL delivers?

Yes. DHL is delivering tickets during daytime. Please make sure to provide a delivery address where you, or someone of your confidence, can sign for the tickets during the day. DHL highly encourages you to use your office address as delivery address.



What happens if I fail to be present when the tickets are delivered?

DHL will attempt to deliver your order to the address you have provided three times. If the delivery fails on the third attempt, the tickets will be sent back to Gootickets. The order will be shipped to you again, but you need to pay the additional delivery cost for resending the tickets.



Can I track the status of my ticket shipment?

Yes. Once your tickets are shipped, you will receive an email with a tracking code. Following the instructions in this email, you can track the status of your package online.



Can I provide a different delivery address after making the booking?

Yes, you can if your tickets yet not have been shipped. Please contact us by email and request a delivery address change. Please note that your address is not officially changed until you have received a written confirmation from us.



How much is the delivery cost?

The cost is based on your delivery address. The amount is automatically calculated when you enter your country/address on the checkout page.



What does “Pick Up” as delivery method mean?

In some cases, if DHL delivery of your tickets is not available, we will offer on-site collection at the event - this option is known as “Pick Up". If your order’s delivery method is set as “Pick Up”, you are required to download an e-voucher from your account and collect your tickets at the event. On this voucher, you will find all the information on how, where and when you can pick up your tickets. The voucher is available to download from your Gootickets account approximately 1-2 weeks before the event. It is mandatory that you bring this e-voucher (printed or electronic version) as well as a valid Photo ID to collect your tickets. The cost for on-site collection is usually €10 per order.



How much does the Pick-Up Delivery Method cost?

The service fee for pick-up orders is usually €10.



Can I request “Pick Up” as delivery method even if I order a long time before the event?

Yes, it is possible. If you have a legitimate reason to pick up your tickets at the event instead of getting them delivered, please order your tickets normally (you will be assigned the standard delivery method, shipping). When you have completed your order, please contact customer service, and we will help you change delivery method and refund you the difference between the pick-up charge and your shipping delivery fee.




Security and Payment



Is booking tickets online safe?

Yes, your personal information and payment details are always kept safe and secure.


Our payment platform is fully secure. An "SSL" (Secure Socket Layer) connection exists between your browser and the server. This means that the data is transferred after being encrypted and thus cannot be abused by third parties. Our server guarantees the highest possible level of encryption available to present date. Your personal data is of course always handled with discretion and only used to carry out your order.



Why do I have to provide a proof of my credit card/identification details?

At Gootickets, we are concerned with every customer’s security. Hence, like most credible ticketing companies, we follow a thorough security procedure that includes a security check when certain orders get highlighted in our system. Reasons for an order to be put on hold (security check) could be a high order amount, a high number of tickets ordered or that the address associated with the credit card used for the transaction is not matching the origin of the customer’s IP address.


When abnormalities occur, we perform a security check where we ask the customer to provide additional information in order for us to verify the buyer’s identity and prevent possible unauthorized use and identity theft. When your order has been highlighted in or system, we ask you to send us documentation that verifies your identity as an added security measure, and to ensure your own security.



What type of payment do you accept?

We accept credit card payments and bank transfers. Please contact us by email with your precise order request (make sure to include your full contact details and invoicing address), to receive an invoice in order to pay via bank transfer.


You can also split up your payment in up to 7 Installments, please see more information about our Installment Plan here.



My payment was refused, what should I do?

Please use one of the following methods to finalize your order in case your payment was refused:


- Try again, perhaps with another credit card.

- Contact your bank or financial institution (international payments could be blocked or refused by your bank)

- Try again, choosing another payment method (bank transfer)

- Fill out and return the credit card authorization form (click here)

- Contact our customer service



Which currency will my payment be charged in?

We charge in different currencies depending on the event, please see a complete list under Point 5.9 in the Terms and Conditions. In case you notice that the amount you have been charged differs slightly from the price showed at check-out, this is due to currency exchange rates.




Events and Traveling


I don’t know where I am going to stay for the event. Do you have any recommendations?

To search for hotels, suites and apartments near each event, please go to the Hotels tab of the event page. Here, you can find a selection of the best hotels in the area through our partnership with



Are Parking Passes available?

The parking systems vary for each event. If parking passes are available, they will be on sale in the ticket shop. For some events, parking is free or issued in ratios of tickets bought. Please note that unless specified, parking is not included in your ticket! You can find specific information in the product descriptions for each event, and on the “Event Info” tab next to the “Tickets” tab in the main menu. If you are unsure, please contact us for more information.



Are camping facilities available at the event?

If Camping Passes are not on sale in the ticket shop of the event in question, please contact us for more information.



Do you provide any hospitality or travel packages?

Our hospitality management are happy to help you with tailored experiences and customised packages. Contact our hospitality department for more details. is part of Platinium Group, which is a ticketing technology company based in Monaco. We also manage a travel agency that has many years of experience, especially within sport hospitality. Please contact Monte Carlo Travel for more information. 



Do you work with travel agencies and/or tour operators?

Travel agencies and tour operators from anywhere in the world are welcome to contact us regarding ticket purchases. We also have a popular affiliate program, which you can read more about here.



Can I visit the pit lane and garages at Formula 1 and MotoGP events?

Every event has different access rules, and sometimes you can buy Paddock passes online in our ticket shops. You can unusually attend a Pit Lane walk at Formula 1 races before the event has started, but this is not always the case as it is up to the event organiser whether to offer this service or not. Please refer to email communications sent out by us for more information on the matter specific to the event you are attending.



How do I get access to extra activities at the sport events (e.g. concerts)?

Usually, you will get free access to any concerts occurring during the day of which your ticket is valid. However, this can vary depending on the event. Sometimes, you have to make sure that you have a ticket with access to the specific zone or area where the concert is located. Please contact us for more information in case you are unsure.






Who is Gootickets? is an official ticket provider for many sports events across the world including Formula 1, MotoGP, Motocross and Tennis. We are a part of Platinium Group: a ticketing technology company with offices in Monaco and Barcelona. Read more about us here.



How can I reach a customer services representative at Gootickets?

You can reach out customer support easily by leaving a message in our Live Chat, calling us on the number showing on the bottom of the page, or contacting us through email



Please note that this document was written in English. To the extent any translated version of this document conflicts with its English version, the English version controls.


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